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The League of Northwest Whitewater Racers is an all-volunteer group of paddlers in the Pacific Northwest. Under the auspices of the American Canoe Association, US Canoe&Kayak, and the Washington Kayak Club, the League organizes wildwater races and races and training clinics in whitewater slalom.


It is tentatively rescheduled for May 6-7, 2017
See note from race director, David Johnson below:

The BR is at ~3500 cfs with another 700 cfs coming from the Little Sandy. Too high for a race this weekend if it stays high. It will likely drop and could even hit a good level of 2000 cfs or so. But two things are working against the race. One is we tried several times to get to the course during this week and fix some critical bottom gates and could not get across the river, huge holes on the course. Second, some folks need to drive a long way, from Idaho to come to the race and Rufus and I are not sure it will drop as snow is melting fast upstream. So we propose to hold the race next weekend, rain and water permitting. Stay tuned. Remember the gauge is the Bull Run at Bull Run and needs to be PROJECTED to go to 650-2000 cfs. But at 2000 the bottom section is largely washed out. Need to factor in rain.




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The Latest Pacific Northwest Racing & Training News is...

2017 CEDAR RIVER "Spring Forward" -March 12 - Race Results HERE

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as of February 23, 2017


NW Cup Race #4

2017 BULL RUN Slalom Race, Oregon
April 29-30  - POSTPONED


Announcing Cedar River training sessions the first Saturday of every month!

Slalom gate training will be held on the first Saturday of every month.

Training will be automatically cancelled if the gage is above 1200 cfs.

If you plan on attending please RSVP to joeyyeaple@hotmail.com or text her at 314-623-8895. If you change your mind, let Joey know.

We will hold the training as long as at least 2 people can come. We'll do short course and long course training.

Slalom Training Camps and the Alberta Canada Slalom Program:

A potential upcoming training camp on the Chilliwack River in B.C.  March 24 - April 2

Michael Holroyd
High Performance Head Coach
Alberta Slalom Canoe/ Kayak
Mobile 403 479 8017



The League of Northwest Whitewater Racers 

is featured on TV!

Jennie Goldberg teaches King 5 TV reporter how to whitewater slalom race.

In honor of the Olympics....How to Canoe Slalom

View it at: http://www.king5.com/sports/olympics/in-honor-of-the-olympics-how-to-canoe-slalom/293974540


The World Masters Games in 2017 includes Slalom!

The World Masters Games (WMG) for masters age athletes (age 35 and over in 5 year age groups) will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, April 2017 (which is early autumn in Auckland).  See http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/

The whitewater slalom competition dates are 26 and 27 April. The games will run all that week with opening ceremonies Friday 21 April. Closing ceremonies will be Sunday, 30 April. The event will be held on a new constructed course at Vector Wero Whitewater park  http://wero.org.nz/.

There are two courses at Wero Park, one class 2 and one more class 3-4 competition channel. They are considering holding an non-medal social race on the class 2 channel and a medals event on the harder water. There will also be a team race and a C2 mixed class.

The Canoe Sports Information flyer can be found here:

Bert Hinckley from Bend, Oregon plans to attend and is posting info on this Facebook page

He is working to put together "US Masters Team" paddling gear. Please contact him soon if you are interested as it takes time to get orders together and gear delivered.  bert@proctornet.com

FOR SALE - Slalom Kayak
posted March 28, 2017

Dagger Predator II slalom kayak, Scott Shipley design, very good condition, skirt included.  $800 obo

Alan Burgmuller

Paddler and dog not included in sale price.


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