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The League of Northwest Whitewater Racers is an all-volunteer group of paddlers in the Pacific Northwest. Under the auspices of the American Canoe Association, US Canoe&Kayak, and the Washington Kayak Club, the League organizes wildwater races and races and training clinics in whitewater slalom.


2014 Northwest Cup Schedule is HERE


The Latest Pacific Northwest Racing & Training News is...


4/17/14  News Update

REMINDER  The Cedar River Slalom race has been rescheduled

to the weekend of May 3rd and 4th.

Practice on the 3rd and Racer's meeting on the 4th at 10:30 am.

For more information contact Esther at esther.mecking-at-gmail.com


4/17/14  News Update

Info for the Bull Run Slalom is HERE


News Update

Race Results from the the Riverhouse Rendezvous are UP


3/13/14 News Update 

The Cedar River race scheduled for this weekend (3/16/14 - 3/17/14) has

been cancelled due to High Water. For more info look HERE


3/6/14 News Update 

The Cedar River race is coming up March 15-16.  Look Here for more information.


12/124/13  News Update

The 2014 NW Slalom Cup Schedule has been added.  Mark your Calendars....


Mark your Calendars now for the First, Last and Only FLWAGSR -- Farewell to the Lake Washington Arboretum Gates Slalom Race!

  *** February 23, 2014  ***

 In order to accomodate the construction of the new State 520 bridge (West Approach Bridge North), the gates will be removed, potentially as early as late spring 2014.  Construction will last about 2-3 years, so don't expect the park where we access the area to be back to it's final lay-out until then, once construction begins.  See http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/SR520Bridge/  for detailed information about the project.  The official letter to the League from the WA DOT is attached.

 It's not clear if and how the Gates will be replaced, as the current structures they hang from will either not be there at all anymore or not there in their current configuration or design.  The site was never permitted by the Washington State Department of Transportation.  They have agreed, however, to salvage and stockpile all the equipment for us to retrieve.

 So, join us in a big party on the water February 23rd (last Sunday in February)!  We'll hold a clinic in the morning and do a fun race in the afternoon.  It will be a great warm-up for the 2014 Northwest Slalom Cup.  And it will be too early in the season for the milfoil to get in our way.......

To see the letter look HERE.



The USACK Events Committee is currently soliciting bids for major events for 2014.


These events include:

   Age-Group Nationals

Junior Olympics

         U.S. National Championships

         Fall 2014: Junior/U23 Team Trials for 2015 Worlds (pendingconfirmation by ICF of Junior/U23 Worlds in April in Brazil)

Major National and International Slalom events already scheduled in 2014


         March : Junior/U23 Team Trials

         March 29/30: Senior Team Trials

         April 23-27: Junior/U23 World Championships, Australia

         June 6-8: World Cup #1 GBR

         June 13-15: World Cup #2 Slovenia

         June 20-22: World Cup #3, Czech R.

         July 19/20: ECA Junior Cup, Slovenia

         July 26-27: ECA Junior Cup, Germany

         July 30/Aug 1: ECA Junior Cup: Czech R

          August 6-10: World Cup #4, Spain

         August 15-17: World Cup Final, Augsburg

         August 16-17: ECA Junior Cup, Slovakia

         August 23/24: ECA Junior Cup, Poland

          September 9-21: Canoe Slalom World Championships, Deep Creek, MD


Don't forget to visit our Facebook Page  for current information and news.


The Powerhouse Run in North Bend, WA (access to the usual put-in closed June 2010 for powerhouse upgrades) is now open!

The latest from Puget Sound Energy regarding access to the Powerhouse Run on the Main Snoqualmie River is:

The Lower Park/River access will open to the public at 3:00pm on Saturday, September 14, 2013. It will close at dusk on Saturday and then open and close dawn to dusk from there on out. Enjoy the River!

The boardwalk will be accessible via the upper trail only; the boardwalk will be enclosed with protective screening and there will be NO river access via the boardwalk.



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